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Improvements to Quickbooks Online Reports

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There have been some welcome changes to Quickbooks Online reports over the summer.  Here's a quick summary of how to check things out:

Access the improved QuickBooks reports

  1. Click Reports in the left navbar, followed by the name of a report (like Profit & Loss).
  2. If your screen doesn’t look like the screenshot below, click Gear > QuickBooks Labs and turn on Redesigned Reports.

Explore the improvements

  • Change common options at the top of the page. When you’re done,  hide options to make more room for the report.
  • Change other report options by clicking  Customize. This includes the report period, accounting method, number format, rows/columns customization, filters, and header/footer customization.
  • Quickly  expand/collapse sub-items on the report.
  •  Add notes to make your report more meaningful. For example, you can add additional commentary about business performance to a Profit & Loss report.
  • Click  Edit header to show a logo and change the report title and subtitle. You can also click right on the title.
  •  Print, email or save report as PDF. When you email or schedule a report, it is automatically attached as a PDF. You can rename the PDF before sending it. PDFs are helpful for viewing and sharing really wide reports.
  • Freeze row header and first column. When you scroll through large reports, either horizontally or vertically, the header and left column stays in view for convenient reference!
  • Improved printing. Changes include:
    • More professional looking reports.
    • Fit more data onto more printed reports with less truncation.
    • Preview the report before emailing and exporting.
  • New reports1. From the Reports main page, click All Reports, and then click a section like Business Overview. The most recently released new reports are tagged NEW, with more to come!
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